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good but felt a bit clustered at points. like you had too much going on that just didnt mesh. still enjoyed it though and am now going to look at the rest of your catalog

XLRSTONE responds:

Wow, You hit it right on the nose. It's really just a bunch of ideas. There were few good ones I started out with, then I wasn't quite sure where to go next, but I had fun making it anyway. I'm glad you enjoyed this experiment of mine. I will add more quality content to my catalog soon. Thanks!

This one is good. It flows really well. Love the feel of the middle verse 1:00-1:13.

Another great song that I cant help but use smooth to describe. Its pieces fit well together, the production and the lyrics. Nice!

smooth track dude

SkeleTho responds:

thank you man, worked on it without sleeping for like 3 days :)

Been listening to bowies china girl alot lately and i liked this version too, good job!
I would recomend takinga second look at some of the levels though, it felt like the repetative parts of the song where over powering the melody unlike in bowies version and kind of drowning out the melody and "vocals"

This is a great showing of your voice and reading ability. I really felt it around "dirt and blood".

SkeleTho responds:

Thanks buddy :) I appreciate the feedback!

you are going to have a lot of people asking for you to voice their stuff. High quality sounds and a good range of voice types. recommended you for the portal

is this just the sound track uploaded unaltered? I'm pretty sure that's against the rules. at least remix it

I downloaded this track when I first found it browsing the a capella section here on newgrounds. I listened to it every once in a while and I think I have decided to use a cut down version as the audio for a short animations that would serve as a trailer or promotional piece for a larger project of mine I will do down the road.
Great job on this it sounds good, and I like the pace this takes compared to the original song.
I will be sure to tag you as the musician when I upload the animation to newgrounds when I finish it.

raggd46 responds:

Hey, and thanks! This is one of my early recordings, so its a bit rough... Happy for you to use, could you give me a PM when you publish I'd love to see it

Truly beautiful piece. Made me think about my life and where I'm going, or where its not going. One day I will look back and say, why didn't I try harder, this is what I'll hear in my head as I mourn for missed opportunities and let my regrets run down my face as a thousand tears.

But for now it inspires me. So I never have to hear this song in my head in later years.
Keep making music like this... please.

newhansen responds:

thanks. I love to hear it inspires you. Take care.

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